A public intervention in which the melody of around 700 gas cars will be temporarily replaced for several days between the 6-11 December 2009 in the city of Amman.

مداخلة في المساحات العامة تتوخى تغيير مؤقت للنغمة (الموسيقى) المستخدمة في سيارات الغاز على أكثر من 700 سيارة لتوزيع الاسطوانات لبضعة أيام خلال الفترة من 6-11 كانون أول في مدينة عمان


Welcome! اهلا وسهلاً

The first official meeting was a warm welcome from the Chief and Director of the Syndicate of Fuel.
ترحيب حار من النقيب والمدير العام لنقابة المحروقات في اجتماعنا الاول


  1. Dear All,
    I use to hate this Music during my short visits to Jordan.
    Once I arrived at 5:30 am Home and start to prepare my coffee , I found that the Cylinder is Empty.damn luck.
    I went to bed , I Opened the window and slept dreaming for a hot cup of coffee.
    Then I heard the lovely sound of Music , I wake up and shout from the widow GAAAAAAAS
    I went out and found the truck parking fron of my house . that was a moment changes my opinion about distribution and marketing of the gas Cylinder in Jordan .
    since then ,I love to hear their music any time in addition One Cylinder in reserve and a good tip.
    Thanks and Good luck
    Mohammed Dagamseh

  2. Seeehr Souverän, Herr Außenminister!

  3. The organizers of this project, though with sincere intentions, miss the important point regarding the gas distribution process in Jordan. From my point of view, I consider any gas tone or any other tone that comes through a loudspeaker an extremely annoying and undesirable form of noise pollution. Imagine yourself reading, working,resting,sleeping, or doing any activity that needs quiet and calm, while each 15 or 30 minutes a car passing with a loudspeaker emitting whatever music or speech, even Beethoven music, it will still be noisy and a continuous interruption of your work or activity. Why don't we revert to our simple and natural method of gas distribution that was prevalent in the seventies? Simply we would call the telephone number of the gas distributor in the area, soon it used to respond within half an hour. Today, almost each family has more than one telephone or mobile. Let us stop this noisy way of distribution and prevent any sort of music/pollution to be associated with gas distribution cars. Let us be content with using our telephones and get our gas bottle on time. Ironically, many times we cannot get hold of the distribution car, although it would be passing by our home, because the driver does not hear our voice due to the overwhelming noise over his head and around his hearing facilities. Under the present mode we as consumers are exposed to many abuser distributors who come to our area and deliver the gas to us. Recently, I discovered real fraud in the weight of two gas bottles I bought from a roaming car. Fortunately, I recorded the name of the distributing company and their mobile number. When I weighted the bottles I found each 5 kg short, which is about 45% less than the legal weight. Fortunately too, I called the Standards and Specifications Institution who appreciably corrected the situation and went on to punish the gas distributor. The question is, therefore, not the right tone, but to reduce the noise pollution in town, and to institute a more comfortable system of distribution: consumers get the telephone number of a trustworthy distributor in their area whom they know personally , and with whom they would deal on a regular basis, without any "musical pollution" tone. Only by telephone. Aren't we all telephone addicts these days. Please abandon completely the present noisy mode and go back to the simple way: each one calls his local trustworthy distributor without noise.
    Professor Bashir Khadra
    Specialist and Consultant on Management and Administration

  4. Hello Bashir and Mohammad,
    I agree with both your comments, the gas car melody plays a very big role in our everyday life in positive and negative ways.

    Our presence and this art project will help refocus attention on this melody hoping that this will instigate discussion and maybe even a change. None-the-less, as artists we are not, and have not placed ourselves in the role of an authority who decides what happens with the gas car meoldy.

    Personally I think the people should decide and offer alternatives since in the end the service with the melody is for them.

    Samah Hijawi (one of the artists)

  5. It is agony on daily basis, unstoppable and sadly tolerated by the people. Here in Zarqa where I live, the old method of sounding the horn is still used. There are at least two distribution offices working in the area where I live as I can easily tell by the different ways the drivers sound their horns. This is not like ordinary traffic noise; it is constant and demands attention. Imagine a baby crying all around the hour, how long can you remain unresponsive? The baby would sleep eventually. I really cannot see any point in putting up with this noise from as early as 7 till as late as 8 in the evening whereas a simple phone call would be more than satisfactory especially that the distributors know every niche in the neighbourhood due to their daily tours. I close the window, plug my ears and I still can hear the loud and characteristic sound of the gas car. I don't remember this much noise in my childhood and I don't want to believe that these amplified hawkers are so desperate to earn money that they would try all the possible ways to sell their stuff; they are not the only impoverished ones! On the other hand, the fact that no one cares to complain doesn't negate that this practise is detrimental to mental health and the quality of life. This is a very simple issue and the solution doesn't require high expenditures. All that is required is a legally decreed more practical utilization of the service by the use of phones or by showing up in person in the office and making your order. Making noise either by misplaced music or elongated horn-sounding will not increase the sales - I remember myself waiting for hours for the car to pass in front of the home although I kept on hearing the noise for almost all the time. Jordan is a small country and yet Amman is not the only city were respectable humans live in the kingdom. We are all humans, we are all Jordanians, and we all deserve to live in a cleaner environment. To show special concern to a city and disregard to the other in an issue which is not more than a simple cultural blemish is upright humiliating. Munir, legonfoot@yahoo.com