A public intervention in which the melody of around 700 gas cars will be temporarily replaced for several days between the 6-11 December 2009 in the city of Amman.

مداخلة في المساحات العامة تتوخى تغيير مؤقت للنغمة (الموسيقى) المستخدمة في سيارات الغاز على أكثر من 700 سيارة لتوزيع الاسطوانات لبضعة أيام خلال الفترة من 6-11 كانون أول في مدينة عمان


Grand Finale! خاتمة الكبرى

Well, here we are at the end with mixed feelings and many questions. Do artists dream too much to work with the whole city? Is the character of our fellow Jordanians too suspicious and perhaps lacking in sense of humor?
We created a melody and released it to the city of Amman and got many people to engage through media in a phenomenon that affects their everyday life, and most importantly worked with people otherwise overlooked by citizens and government alike; the system of gas distribution.
What does it mean to do a public intervention? How much control can we realistically have when working with the whole city? Success is measurable on many levels. Importantly, artists played instigators in discussion and perhaps even change, we shall see what the future holds!

حسنا ، نحن هنا في النهاية بمشاعر مختلطة ، وأسئلة كثيرة. حلم كبير من الفنانين للعمل مع المدينة كلها؟ وهل هو صفة من أخواننا الأردنيين للشك وربما يفتقروا روح الدعابة؟
أنشأنا النغمة ووزعت على مدينة عمان وحصلنا على مشاركة الناس من خلال وسائل الاعلام في هذه الظاهرة التي تؤثر على حياتهم اليومية ، والأهم من ذلك، عملنا مع قطاع منسيا الى حدٍ ما من المواطنين والجهات المعنية ، هو نظام توزيع الغاز
ماذا يعني ذلك القيام بمداخلة في القطاع العام؟ بالواقع كيف نسيطر على العمل في المدينة كلها؟ مقاييس متعددة للنجاح. والأهم من ذلك ، لعب الفنانين دور المحرضين في النقاش، وربما دوراً في التغيير، وسنرى ما يخبئه المستقبل


  1. I read about this project in JO magazine today and finally understood what the electronic chatter which I encountered (on twitter?) was about. Fantastic project! Sadly did not hear it on the street. Has the tune prevailed beyond the days of the experiment or is it back to the original gas waltz?

    One think is unclear to me: you say that the Amman gas music (the original one, not yours) was recorded from a song. Did you get to know the original song the tune was taken from?

    In any case.. this project is fantastic. The photo documentation is great too.

    Ahmad Humeid

  2. hello Ahmad,
    Its nice to hear from you.
    The project was really great to work on, and a little bit crazy and absurd at times as well. The original was a waltz, but we just know that someone made it as a suggestion about 10 years ago.
    The new melody (which even I didn't hear) is being played till today, there have been sightings in umm uthaina, abdoun and abu alanda... and some people like it and have adopted it, others didn't... we were hoping to have it all over the city, but alas, artists dream and reality hits hard.