A public intervention in which the melody of around 700 gas cars will be temporarily replaced for several days between the 6-11 December 2009 in the city of Amman.

مداخلة في المساحات العامة تتوخى تغيير مؤقت للنغمة (الموسيقى) المستخدمة في سيارات الغاز على أكثر من 700 سيارة لتوزيع الاسطوانات لبضعة أيام خلال الفترة من 6-11 كانون أول في مدينة عمان


Discussion نقاش

Feel free to give us your opinion about the melody of the gas cars.
تفضلوا بآرائكم عن موسيقى سيارت الغاز


  1. Oh God... this is GREAT! Just imagine...
    Btw, now I'm hearing a gas car passing by!
    Just imagine... how can you transfer what became part of the urban life into something totally new... I really would like to see it tried out!
    Letting go of bad habits is challenging... and with unexpected outcomes! hahah...
    Have fun doing that Samah and Johny!

  2. Hello Super devoika!
    thank you for the positive thoughts, I hope the project will be fun, in the meantime it is definitely challenging to work with the entire city in mind!


  3. Thanks a lot Super Devoika! Your positive energy will be directly given and shared with all people who are helping us!


  4. Why not thinking of *How to completely get rid of this annoying sound*?

    Speaking frankly, in the past week I was thinking in my own about the gas cars and how can I contribute to get rid of this sound. I completely did not know about this project idea, I've just read about it in Al-Ghad newsletter.

    In my place we are using a Bottled Water Cooler(for drinking, cooking, ..etc). Who provide us with these Bottled Water Coolers? You can find it either at retail stores or through Bottled Water Distributors. We use the former one, how we do it? When two out of three become empty we simply call the distributor who we deal with, ask him for two bottled water bombs, and that is it! and we will get these water bombs within a few hours!

    So, what is the difference between Bottled Water and Gas?

    P.S my futher sometimes use phone line to call the Gas distributor we usually deal with -who supplies us with Gas jars- to bring us a Gas jar when we out of it, and he brings it within hours, so it can be applied to all Gas distrbutors actually.

    So, think about it. I think it will be the best solution.


  5. Hello ahmad!
    Thank you for your input, I totally agree, and we are not suggesting a solution at all.

    As artists we find this an interesting medium to communicate with a very large audience! And perhaps to encourage change :)What our project will help with (we hope) is that the discussion and suggestions of people will help drive the officials to make a change.

    I think perhaps each person should call the syndicate of fuel who are responsible for the distribution system and tell them their opinion and suggestions. They are actually good listeners as far as our experience has gone.


  6. You should have to snap your fingers to it - very time you'll hear it.

  7. A waste of time and money !!! find a useful thing to do for the community insteadb :(

  8. hello Mohammad
    I am sorry you feel that way, in the end if we can find other ways to define 'useful' that is not in the usual monetary sense.
    This project is already interacting with the entire community of Amman, as well as the community of gas car sellers.
    Otherwise a little humor can be more useful for our day to make life in our community easier. Nothing profound, but a small change none-the-less.

  9. Hi Gas Car Project,

    First heard about this one the radio and immediately thought it was a great idea, both artistically and also as a useful thing for the community. I got my first dose on www.jo.jo, and still have not heard it in the streets. I like that it is more local than the old tune although not sure about the intro of the piece (a bit grim)...but I am sure it will grow on me as time passes :-). Great work and good luck!

  10. hi omar
    we never heard it on the street either! I do get messages here and there of people still hearing it till today.
    Thanks for your comment!